Australian state of Queensland hit by flooding

The town of Bundaberg, where rescuers have been trying to airlift some residents to safety, is expecting its worst floods on record. In Brisbane, the state capital, almost 5,000 homes and properties are at risk. The rain was brought by Tropical Cyclone Oswald, which is now affecting the northern part of New South Wales. Two years ago, flooding in Queensland left 35 people dead, with Bundaberg among the towns affected. Bundaberg Mayor Mal Foreman said the floods would be “far worse” than 2011. Residents have been told to evacuate in some areas after the Burnett River burst its banks. At least 1,200 properties have flooded and some 30 people are trapped on the roofs of their houses in the north of the city. “We’re going to try and rescue those people this morning,” said Queensland Premier Campbell Newman. “Even though we have helicopters, the weather conditions are appalling and dangerous for flying. The floodwaters are very swift and it’s also dangerous to go out in flood boats.”

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